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Indie platformers are dime a dozen these days, but very few are as visually striking as Rain Games' stunning title Teslagrad. Taking massive cues from classic Disney, the game's painterly and picturesque panoramas have a very distinct look to them. What's more, the Norwegian developer has painstakingly attempted to recreate a traditional animation style.

Among other interesting choices, the studio has opted to animate the characters at 12 frames-per-second. That's right, just 12. Apparently early animation techniques worked under this limitation, meaning that replicating it for the game is what lends it that legitimate lo-fi look. Neat. The gameplay itself sees you jumping about and solving puzzles in an abandoned tower using a set of intriguing electric and magnetic powers.

Set to launch on the PlayStation 3 and Vita, there's unfortunately no word on a release date yet, but consider our curiosities thoroughly piqued. Do you like the cut of this platformer's jib, or is its retro aesthetic not doing anything for you? Make some sparks fly in the comments section below.

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