PlayStation Vita Pets

Here’s a little secret that you may not know: this editor has a penchant for child friendly titles. There’s something about accessible gameplay mechanics and colourful graphics that makes kiddie releases feel like comfort food in an industry dominated by hardcore first-person shooters and sprawling role-playing games – and it’s a big part of the reason behind our excitement for PlayStation Vita Pets

Alright, it’s not exactly the most original idea in the world, but hear us out. In addition to the typical virtual pet activities, Spiral House’s upcoming adventure actually has a story to it. Indeed, while you’ll spend much of your time playing games and feeding your puppy, you’ll also need to develop skills, which will allow you to take your mutt on a tour of the local surroundings – and uncover a mystery that pertains to the long lost legend of a king and his canine companion.

Even better, your dogs will talk you through the process. “In total we have around 10,000 lines of spoken dialogue in the game,” explained creative director Kevin Oxland on the PlayStation Blog. “It’s no small feat, but we felt that it was essential to ensure that every day with your pet felt new. It allows us to ensure that there is a great deal of depth to their personalities, which will unlock as you become better friends and discover more of the game’s mysteries together.”

The developer’s keeping schtum on many of the title’s intricacies for now, but it has confirmed that you’ll be able to sniff out the release from 3rd June in North America and 4th June in Europe. Naturally, this isn’t going to be everyone’s particular bowl of water, but we reckon that the production values look really good. Moreover, the outfit at the helm has a great pedigree, having worked on the portable versions of EyePet in the past.

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