inFAMOUS: Second Son PS4

While plenty of developers try to trick consumers with less than authentic screenshots, first-party outfit Sucker Punch has been pretty upfront about its superhero sequel since it was announced last year. Indeed, inFAMOUS: Second Son is arguably the best looking game available on the PlayStation 4 right now, and having sampled the slew of in-game artwork captured by the title’s community, the studio has now implemented a feature allowing you to properly pull your best Peter Parker impression and score some super snazzy snaps. With that in mind, we’ve gathered together a selection of staff members in order to show off our very best captures.

Inf Photo 2

Birds of a Feather

Ben Potter: Having successfully driven the dastardly D.U.P. out of Seattle, Delsin Rowe has turned his attention to the new enemy of the common man: birds. If you think about it, they're actually far worse than Augustine's conduit crushing unit. While they don't detain individuals without good cause, or perform unwanted injections, they do prove a largely unwelcome presence in people's day-to-day lives, and insist on dropping their faeces from great heights on both vehicles and humans alike.

Inf Photo 3

Cole’s Legacy

Joey Thurmond: There’s a power in inFAMOUS: Second Son that’s particularly bizarre, which we’ll talk around in case you haven’t played the game yet. Regardless of how preposterous it is, though, there’s no denying that it looks beautiful up close. I used it here in this shot, and cast the Seattle’s famous Space Needle in the background. I think that it really fits with the rainy atmosphere, which complements the move’s blue neon colours nicely. I also made sure that the protagonist was wearing Cole’s jacket, because it almost looks like he’s using his predecessor’s electricity powers.

Inf Photo 4

Shooting for the Moon

Simon Fitzgerald: For this snap, I began by setting the time of day to night, as I really wanted to get the moon in the shot. I then grabbed the smoke power from a nearby source, and headed to the tallest building that I could find. Finally, I used a charged shot to get the image of the protagonist quite literally shooting for the moon.

Inf Photo 5

Spirit of the Angst

Kell Andersen: My goal with this picture was to capture Delsin Rowe's snarky 'tude. To take this one, I simply found the tallest building in the immediate area, made my way to the top, and then performed a comet drop onto the street below. The real challenge, though, was timing the button press for photo mode so that there wasn't a flurry of particle effects in the way of the hero's furrowed brow.

Inf Photo 8

Strike a Pose

Edwin Garcia: There are a few things that I really like about this picture, and they start with Delsin Rowe’s vest. The Lone Wolf really fits the character; although he has friends to help him on his adventure, this is primarily his story. Then there is the Space Needle, which towers gloriously over Seattle’s skyline. Most importantly, I really like the way the monochrome filter gives the whole image a moody vibe, as the hero looks down on the whole city, deciding its future.

Inf Photo 7

Tower Defence

Sammy Barker: Idle animations have always fascinated me, so I really wanted to get a shot of Candy Crush king Delsin Rowe faffing about with his smartphone for my photo. Unfortunately, I couldn’t coax the supercharged star into whipping out his Android, so this image will have to do instead. It shows the hatted hero targeting some tearaways from the top of a tall building. I particularly like the way in which the character’s neon powers light up his uber-trendy attire.

If you want to see some real artwork, check out these outstanding entries into Sucker Punch’s incredible inFAMOUS: Second Son photo competition. And don’t forget to share your best shots in the comments section below, too.