Destiny 7 Min

The lead-up to E3 is really hotting up now, as Bungie has unveiled a seven minute gameplay trailer for Destiny. Taking place in what used to be Russia, the video showcases co-op gameplay as three guardians fight their way through a ravaged wasteland that's full of ruined buildings and other gritty scenery.

Aside from the gameplay demo that we witnessed at Sony's press conference last year, we haven't seen much of the eagerly anticipated sci-fi shooter since. Thankfully, this relatively lengthy slice of footage should get you excited for this year's Los Angeles based convention. We get a good look at the Fallen – a space pirate-like enemy race who have gained control of the barren territory – as well as the various abilities that each class of guardian possesses. Which one man army looks like your cup of tea? Take to the skies with us in the comments section below.