Aside from seemingly finally doing the movie series justice in videogame terms, Alien: Isolation is fast-shaping up to be one of the scariest games unleashed upon both this generation and last. Our very own Sammy Barker got to grips with The Creative Assembly's interpretation of Ridley Scott's interstellar dystopia last month, and praised the game's meticulous attention to environmental detail.

And ahead of the title's October release date, design lead Clive Lindop has talked a little about just how important this setting is, but also how the team's interpretation of the single Xenomorph that stalks you will be intelligent, harnessing the ability to evolve and adapt to your every move. Great – as if battling this thing wasn't going to be difficult enough.

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"One of the interesting things about the environments is that they keep the player off-balance," said Lindop during an interview with Play magazine. "You're always having to learn new things about the environment. The worst thing that can happen is that a player becomes over-familiar with a space. One of the cool features of the Alien along with that evolving environment is that as the player finds and builds new items and tools to use against it, they won't always work."

He continued: "They may work the first time, you may even get away with it the second time, but try something a third time and he will have adapted. So, once he's aware of a certain trick that you're using, he becomes aware of what it means. That's really important, so the player never feels like they've mastered him."