Pure Chess

How pretty can VooFoo Studios’ outrageously detailed Pure Chess possibly look? Well, you’re about to find out, as the British-based developer has confirmed that its popular board game simulator is set to slide over to the PlayStation 4 this month. Much like its PlayStation 3 and Vita counterparts, the release will be published by Ripstone, and will outthink you from 15th April in North America and 16th April in Europe.

“The team at VooFoo Studios did such a great job on previous versions, and set themselves a high benchmark for the PS4,” explained the publisher’s creative gaffer Phil Gaskell. “When gamers download this new version on next-gen consoles, they will experience the step-change in visual fidelity. There are moments when playing this game where it genuinely looks better than real life.” That’s some high praise, indeed.

As evidenced by the trailer embedded below, it’s the lighting that’s been given the most care and attention, with the obsessively detailed pieces now appearing to exist inside a more believable space. You’ll be able to buy the title for £4.99/$7.99, but a Complete Edition bundle – presumably including any subsequent DLC packs – will be available for £9.99/$14.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers can also look forward to a discount. Do you fancy yourself the king of this popular pastime? Check out the comments section below.