PlayStation Portable

Sony’s first foray into the handheld space endured a premature demise in the UK and North America, but up until recently, the PlayStation Portable remained a popular option in the platform holder’s native Japan. However, with the system’s successor the PlayStation Vita emerging as an increasingly viable upgrade, the manufacturer is starting to dial down production of its once pocketable powerhouse.

The fine folks over at Siliconera report that the Japanese giant has now discontinued construction of all of the device’s models aside from the bog standard Piano Black. While this was, of course, the primary option in the West, the PlayStation maker’s product line in the East consisted of more hues than a rainbow, including the more outlandish Radiant Red, Spirited Green, Blossom Pink, and Vibrant Blue. No, really.

The publication adds that there are still titles in production for the platform, but these generally consist of niche otome adventures and visual novels. In the West, the last major release may well be XSEED’s localisation of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, although the site does add that its heard gossip pertaining to the translation of one other JRPG. Either way, it’s been almost ten years since the format first arrived in Japan. That’s not a bad innings at all.