Fighting fit

We learnt that fighting title BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma would be making a beeline for the PlayStation Vita earlier in the year, but unfortunately weren't given a firm release date. Luckily, Aksys Games has recently announced that the title will be hitting both stores shelves and the PlayStation Store on 24th June. Who ever said that Sony's signature handheld doesn't have any games?

The updated version will feature five new fighters, as well as enhanced online capabilities, a recap of the previous series entries, and two extra characters that will be available as DLC. What's more, previous franchise favourites have been tweaked in order to provide a more balanced overall experience. Oh, and the developer's added in a blatantly fan-servicey beach scenario to help pad out the package. Just, uh, don't actually take your handheld to the beach – you'll probably just get sun burnt and clog up the portable's buttons with sand.

Has BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma shot to the top of your most wanted list, or does it not stand a fighting chance? Will you be picking up this updated iteration? Pull off an absurdly complicated combo in the comments section below.