Something to sink your teeth into

Speculation regarding a hidden shark in Battlefield 4 has been rife for months now, and it’s finally surfaced as part of the modern military shooter’s recently released Naval Strike expansion pack. The secret was discovered by popular YouTube user ‘jackfrags’, who traced back promotional videos, campaign dialogue, and old developer interviews to plant the seeds of the mystery.

And, having spent several lonely months swimming in circles, the online personality has finally solved the conundrum. Simply boot up the Nansha Strike map and convince nine of your friends to travel to the lone buoy near the main island. Sit back from a safe distance, and you’ll witness a great stonking Megalodon – otherwise known as a bloody big shark – jump out of the water.

Alright, so a lot of effort went into tracking down the beast, but it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t worth it. Just look at that gigantic fish – it’s enormous. It also happens to be extinct, so don’t get cancelling that month long cruise that you booked the other day. We’re 99.9 per cent certain that you won’t be spending your last night in the stomach of a colossal sea creature.