Dw8 Ce Patch

In preparation for the launch of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition [That never gets any easier to type - Ed] on the PlayStation 4, the promised patch for Dynasty Warriors 8 on PS3, which will allow you to upload your save file for future use with the upcoming next-gen release, has been let loose today.

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To set your data up for the transfer, simply download the update, and then head over to the save/load screen and opt to upload by selecting the newly implemented option. Aside from the ability to send your save off into the cloud, the patch also brings a slew of bug fixes and new features, which you can read about by clicking through here. Will you be giving your level 99 Lu Bu orders to march? Tell us how many grunts you've destroyed down in the comments section below.

[source inspchin.wordpress.com]