Time to celebrate

When you think of British developers, studios such as Grand Theft Auto's Rockstar North and the Batman Arkham series' Rocksteady pop into mind. However, in the near future, the development of more AAA titles from this land of rolling green hills and royalty may not be so uncommon following tax breaks announced last week. Games brewed up within the UK can now claim a massive 25 per cent saving if they pass a cultural test.

That's great news for developers, but what does it boil down to for us gamers? Well, we may see big companies like EA pumping more resources into their British studios, teams such as Tearaway's Media Molecule expanding their enterprise, and even more movement in the already rich indie scene. With points awarded for European characters and locations as well, we could see these changes leaking onto the big screen.

Do you want to see more of Europe seeping into your games, or would you prefer it if developers stuck to their original vision regardless of any monetary rewards? Leave your feedback in the comments section below.

[source develop-online.net]