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Since the inception of Who Would Win Wednesdays, we've had plenty of memorable battles, but last week's duel between two witches perhaps didn't go down as well as we had originally planned. Alright, so maybe it wasn't the Morrigan that most were evidently hoping for, but Bayonetta absolutely stomped her regardless. Today's fight, however, should prove to be a good one as two heavy-hitters of the Japanese RPG genre go head to head. We'll once again provide you with chunks of information regarding each combatant, and then ask you to duke it out in our poll. Whose victory theme will be playing when this is all over? Let's find out.

Yu Narukami

Did you know that bonds of people is the true power? Persona 4 Golden protagonist Yu Narukami certainly does, as it's his relationships with his friends that gives him the ability to summon powerful entities known as personas. When he's not wooing every female in the sleepy town of Inaba, he's busy slicing up shadows in a realm that's only accessible through the screens of televisions. Because the stylish teen can command a gigantic number of otherworldly selves, it's safe to say that Yu is equipped to handle any situation. He can conjure a magical beast to rain down the elements on enemies, summon a being that can heal himself and his allies, or fall back on good old Izanagi's giant blade. He's not too shabby with his own katana, either.

Squall Leonhart

Not only does Final Fantasy VIII's moody lead hold the record for most uses of the word 'whatever' in a video game, he's also a pretty good fighter. Wielding his iconic gunblade, Squall's been trained in combat since he was a child, and graduates from Balamb Garden as one of the academy's top students. His social skills may need some work, but by the end of the classic PSone adventure, he's matured into a capable leader. In a brawl, Squall makes use of guardian forces, summoned beings that can lay waste to entire battlefields, but unfortunately requires the user to spend ridiculous amounts of time drawing magic spells from foes to get the most out of them – a mechanic that, to this day, makes us wonder how Squall managed to stay sane.

It's a clash between two teenagers with great hair, but who would cut their opponent into ribbons? Would Yu's lovey-dovey bonds prove too much for the unsociable Squall? Vote for your winner in our poll, and tell us how you think the battle would unfold in the comments section below.

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Yu Narukami


Squall Leonhart


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