Play the Zelda sound effect

Irrespective of the importance of Sony’s virtual reality unveiling last week, the platform holder opted not to provide a livestream of its Project Morpheus developer session. Instead, we were forced to muddle our way through text blogs, which wasn’t quite the same as seeing the ever jovial Shuhei Yoshida on stage for real.

Fortunately, if you’ve missed the winning smile of the Worldwide Studios president, the Japanese giant has uploaded the PlayStation 4 peripheral’s full presentation on YouTube. And, courtesy of various technological innovations, we’ve embedded it for your viewing pleasure in the barren white space below. Magic, huh?

Throughout the hour long video, you’ll see the abovementioned executive hilariously uncover the next-gen headset, as well as get a glimpse at a couple of early demos running on the prototype platform. There are also appearances from EyeToy creator Dr. Richard Marks and research and development wizard Anton Mikhailov to look forward to. Press play to enjoy.