Superhero of time?

While the blindness of fandom can sometimes foolishly take hold, most of us here at Push Square love a good Nintendo game. And it seems that first-party Sony developer Sucker Punch is much the same, as the Washington-based studio has hidden an Easter egg in the recently released inFAMOUS: Second Son that gives a shout out to one of the other Japanese giant's most iconic franchises.

That's right, sitting unassumingly on Eugene's bedside table is none other than the Master Sword from the long running Legend of Zelda series. While it isn't an exact replica, it's pretty obvious that the developer was paying homage to the Hero of Time. In truth, we think that this is a pretty neat little reference, and look forward to seeing one of Delsin's signature graffiti tags adorning the hallowed walls of Hyrule Castle in the next Zelda game.

You can spot the replica for yourself in the non-playable character's house, but if you can't be bothered to find it, we've kindly included a close-up picture of the legendary blade below. Is this sneaky shout-out sending a hookshot straight to your heart? Do you think that it Hyrules? Octo-rock out in the comments section below.

INfamous Sword 2