Invizimals: The Alliance

You may not be aware of it, but the Invizimals franchise is huge in continental Europe. Spanish developer Novarama’s augmented reality collectathon has not only spawned five games to date, but it’s also secured sticker books, trading cards, and even an animated television show. Now platform holder Sony is aiming to give the series another big push in the UK – and it starts with the release of PlayStation Vita sequel Invizimals: The Alliance and PlayStation 3 spin-off Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom.

Due out on 28th March, the titles plot the return of TigerShark and company in two disparate adventures. Like its predecessors, the handheld escapade will see you employing your bundled Vita marker cards to hunt down the many Pokémon-esque creatures that exist within the world. Meanwhile, the PS3 release is more of an action adventure title akin to Knack, which will allow you to play as multiple different creatures from within the Invizimals universe.

Both releases will feature cross-play, allowing you to duke it out across systems, and even share miniature monsters with your friends. The releases will also be accompanied by a brand new toy line later in the year, which will allow you to scan the action figures using augmented reality, and bring them into your game. You can find out a lot more about the two titles courtesy of the Family Gamer TV hands-on below. Oh, and there’s an interview with Brian Blessed, too.

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Brian Blessed (Dr Dawson) Invizimals Interview

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