Killzone: Shadow Fall DualShock 4
Big money, big prizes

No console is complete without a customary white controller, and the PlayStation 4 is finally set to get a bright DualShock 4 device. The problem is that you can’t have it. Game director Steven ter Heide tweeted out the above image overnight, which shows a customised Killzone: Shadow Fall peripheral. These are being sent out to the winners of the title’s latest tournament, as evidenced by the logo printed on the unit’s right-hand side.

Those with excellent orange-eye popping skills will also receive a medal for their efforts, as well as a signed piece of concept art from the game. That’s not a bad haul at all, but remember that it takes real dedication to be the best; we’re informed that only those able to complete the sequel’s awful freefall section without failing were invited to compete at the event. Still, while we’d never like to touch that part of the campaign ever again, we would quite like the adapted accessory. Decisions, decisions.