Girl power

It was only last week that the final title in the Atelier twilight trilogy was teased with an announcement trailer before Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation bared all this month. Posing together on the magazine's cover are Shari and Charlotte, the two main characters of the next game, Atelier Shari: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea. Much like the previous title Atelier Escha and Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky, you will be able to pick between two protagonists, despite the newest entry's slightly smaller name.

Both leads are alchemists once again, with brunette Shari coming from a long line of protectors of an ancient relic. When her homeland is on the verge of destruction, she travels to the oasis town of Strard to find a way to save it as the new head of her family. Peppy looking Charlotte on the other hand runs her late father's Atelier shop. This inexperienced alchemist is the comedic half of the duo, supposedly bringing a lighter side to the game's story.

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It's also been revealed that the game will feature a 'life tasks' system where players will need to explore, synthesize, and battle to progress. Whether these goals will be traditionally time-based or can be completed freely has yet to be revealed, though. With all previous flagship titles in the Atelier franchise localized, the chances of seeing this title on our shores next year is relatively high. As the last game of the trilogy, who would you like to see making a return for the grand finale? Leave your requests in the comments section below.