Partied out

Having been the musical rage for many years, you'll be hard pushed to find someone who hasn't got a plastic guitar gathering dust in the cupboard. If you're wanting to give it a good old wipe down and party hard, now's the perfect time to do so before a nail is put in the series' coffin.

Franchise publisher Activision has announced that all DLC for its Guitar Hero and DJ Hero branded games will be removed from the PlayStation Network on 31st March. Don't worry about burning a hole in your wallet if you want to grab what's still on offer, though, as all of the songs will be seeing a price reduction before their departure. Thankfully, despite the content's imminent axing, you'll still be able to jam with friends and strangers alike online, as the servers are being kept active – at least for now. Are going to be rocking all night or has this one ship that has long since sunk? Leave your song requests in the comments section below.