Dualshock System

The prospect of downloading retail games leaves us slightly conflicted. While it's certainly convenient to buy titles in the comfort of your living room, the mandatory marathon download sessions are slightly less appealing. Still, Sony has taken such confident strides in making the firmware update process on the PlayStation 4 so painless, that it stands to reason that the next-gen shop front should also receive an upheaval.

It's heartening, then, to hear that the platform holder is now considering an option that will allow you to pre-load games that you've purchased. This would mean that you'd be able to play them the second that they're unlocked. "We know that it is the feature that you've been asking for, and we are considering it accordingly," a representative from the Japanese giant said in a statement to Polygon. "We don't have specific details to announce at this point in time, but stay tuned for upcoming announcements about system updates and added features."

This follows the news that Sony will be adding a function that will allow you to dim the DualShock 4's contentious light bar. Would you make use of a pre-loading feature, or are you happy to wait? Download your thoughts in the comments section below.

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