Suits you, sir

As promised, the online component of Grand Theft Auto V is continuing to evolve – and its latest patch has augmented a spot of upmarket prestige to proceedings. Available now, the Business Update adds a slew of blazing fast sports cars to the game, as well as the Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine for a bit of posh firepower.

Elsewhere, you’ll also be able to pilot the new Vestra airplane, and dress for success in a host of dapper jackets, slacks, glasses, heels, and blouses. There are even a handful of new haircuts to allow you to discover your inner Richard Branson. Even better, the fresh vehicles and weapons will be available in single player as well, and you’ll find them in each character’s inventory and garage.

Are you still hooked on Rockstar’s open world opus, or has the sunny city of Los Santos left you feeling a little cold? Seal the deal in the comments section below.