Don't be deceived by its cute exterior

If you've got a predisposition towards Hellish platformers, and you thought that Knack was too easy to even use as a warm up, then Metanet Software's incoming title N++ may be right up your alley. The third game in the notoriously difficult N series, this PlayStation 4 exclusive will see you play as an agile ninja attempting to complete an increasingly difficult set of challenges.

Featuring clean visuals, over 1,000 stages, and a robust level editor, the masochistic test of patience is set to destroy your spare time sometime in the near future. For the moment, though, take a look at the game's brand new teaser trailer, which offers a very quick glimpse of the torturous toil awaiting any unsuspecting players. Will you be precariously playing your way through N++, or do you value your sanity? Jump around in the comments section below.