PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 3.10

Sony must have caught wind that this editor was about to write an angry article about the PlayStation Vita’s bizarre application limit, as it’s set to eradicate that annoying issue with the system’s latest firmware update today. Dubbed v3.10, the mandatory download will now allow you to display up to 500 apps on the home screen, as opposed to the current 100 apps. That should be more than enough for anyone.

However, the improvements don’t end there. Another new feature will allow you to share voice messages with friends on both the portable and the PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, the parental controls have been overhauled, while a Calendar application has been added which can sync with Google Calendar. You’ll also be able to share dates with your friends courtesy of the Messages and Email apps.

Other minor enhancements include the ability to better administrate your memory card in the Content Manager app, as well as minor improvements to the functionality of the Music and Video apps. You can now opt to automatically rotate the screen when viewing photos, and lastly a new 'Automatic Daylight Saving' toggle has been incorporated into the Settings area. Are you happy with these improvements? Upload your opinion in the comments section below.