King Oddball

When we reviewed King Oddball for the PlayStation Vita last year, there were some unexpected discussions around Push Square towers. “This shouldn’t be very good,” this editor told staff writer Alex Stinton. “The problem is that I can’t stop playing it.” The response from our bleary eyed reporter: “Tell me about it.”

There was a collective groan around the office when the title was announced for the PlayStation 4 earlier this afternoon, then. For those that didn’t get hooked on the portable edition of the eerie escapade, the title sees you control a stony monarch who must lob rocks at the military with his tongue. Why? We’ve absolutely no idea.

It plays a little like Angry Birds, in that you must time the trajectory of your tosses in order to create chain reactions. There was an absolute ton of content in the handheld release, and it looks like that’s all making the jump to Sony’s next-gen system. Alright, so it’s not going to tax the console’s advanced graphics chip, but we challenge you not to get addicted to this when it deploys from 1st April.

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