Snake brings the pain

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is quietly creeping up on us, so Sony has put together this video interview with franchise director Hideo Kojima, in which he explains some of the title's exciting new features. One such element that the auteur is keen to emphasise is the ability to access information such as Snake's map and inventory on your real-world smartphone.

That's right, the long running series is giving its own spin on those pesky second screen gaming experiences that are apparently all the rage right now. In a classic Kojima twist, however, using the iDroid won't actually pause the action in the main game. In other words, you'll have to remain constantly vigilant and ensure that you're completely out of sight if you plan to use the handy helper.

The luminary also discussed the PlayStation 4's share button, suggesting that he's excited that it'll bring a significantly more social aspect to the traditionally solo series. Oh, and if you want to find out even more about the rapidly incoming covert operation, take a look at our extra special video preview through here. Will you be taking advantage of the second screen iDroid capabilities, or do you prefer to sneak about strictly with a gamepad in hand? Give us a call in the comments section below.