Destiny of Spirits Vita Trophy Guide

You won't be finding a Platinum attached to free-to-play PlayStation Vita title Destiny of Spirits, but it's hard to turn your nose up at a pile of free Trophies to add to your collection. If you're eager to grab your prizes as quickly as possible, then, here's our guide to boosting your trinket collection in Sony's affordable role-playing game.

Destiny of Spirits PlayStation Vita Road Map

Road Map

To nab all of the Trophies in Destiny of Spirits, you're going to have to conquer the whole world map. With bosses being tough little blighters, you're going to need the best team that you can summon. The rarer a monster is, the tougher they are, so don't bother with any common spirits. Advanced summoning costs 30 Destiny Orbs, and guarantees you a rare or higher Spirit. While limited time promotions may be tempting, there's a chance that you may get a common or uncommon Spirit, so don't take up the gamble unless you're feeling lucky. If you're all out of orbs, take advantage of your free daily summoning with another player. Select someone with a high compatibility and you have a chance to obtain a rare or even super rare Spirit. Just because you have rare monsters doesn't mean that you're the best, though. Make sure to merge Spirits together to raise their level to become stronger in combat. Combining monsters of the same element grants massive experience, while combining the same Spirits grants bonus stats.

Now that you have your ultimate team, you need to use them correctly in combat. Make sure that a Spirit with a supporter ability is put at the front of your party to give yourself passive buffs such as bonus speed for all allies in combat. Make sure that you take advantage of their skills in combat and have a varied team. While having a team of damage skills may be temping, the ability to stop your opponent's action gauge could save your life. Make sure to focus your attacks in combat on one opponent to reduce damage from your enemy. This is invaluable in boss encounters where you will want to wipe out the henchmen first. Dependent on your fortune for the day, a certain element gains a major attack boost. Make sure to favour this element where possible to gain a massive advantage. Play on your opponents' elemental weaknesses to deal the most damage, and also take damage reductions. If you're unsure of what to use, check the chart below.

Wood - Strong against earth, weak against metal.
Earth - Strong against water, weak against wood.
Water - Strong against fire, weak against earth.
Fire - Strong against metal, weak against water.
Metal - Strong against wood, weak against fire.
Light - If you have the greater blessing fortune, strong against dark. All other fortunes, equal to dark.
Dark - If you have the bad luck fortune, strong against light. All other fortunes, equal to light.

Destiny of Spiritis Tips

Trophy Guide

Familiar Face - Bronze
Logged in 30 days in a row.

This Trophy will take the longest to complete as it requires you to log in consecutively for 30 days. While a pain, use this to your advantage and spread out your Trophy grind to make use of free daily log in bonuses and Spirits.

Battle Master - Bronze
Won 10 battles in a row.

To win 10 battles in a row, make sure to swap out Spirits if they are on low health and you will nab it in no time.

Coming of Age - Bronze
Freed your first zone.

This requires you to free an area on the map. An area is freed after you defeat the boss lurking in the red glowing area on the World Map. You don't have to complete every zone in the area for it to become available so head straight for the goal.

Junior Master - Bronze
Cleared the tutorial.

Simply complete the tutorial to nab this one. As it's compulsory on start up, it's impossible to miss.

QuinceaƱera - Bronze
Got a single Spirit to level 10.

This requires you to raise a Spirit's level to 10. With experience gained by merging Spirits together, visit the merging tab in the Spirits section. Make sure to not mix and match as using the same element while combining will gain bonus experience.

The Lord Of Spirits - Bronze
Completed your first trade.

While trading may sound easy, it can be harder than it looks. First you must make friends to trade, so find a player in the friends menu with a levelled companion to make sure that they are active. Someone from a different region is a plus as demons are location specific, and your trash may be their treasure. After that, head to the communications section and click the trade tab. Leave a Spirit and wait for a trade request. If all else fails, just pester your PSN friends to help you.

Friends to Lean On - Bronze
Rented a support Spirit 10 times.

Renting a Summoner Spirit 10 times is no problem with Spirit Points being the easiest to gain commodity in the game. Before battle, make sure to pick a Spirit to borrow, and not only will you have an easier time in combat, but also an extra Trophy to boot.

Tactician - Bronze
Made 100 normal attacks with elements that had the upper hand.

To take advantage of enemy weaknesses 100 times with normal attacks, check the element of the objective's monsters in the mission select screen. Use the element circle in the corner of the screen to help pick a party strong against that element, and let them rip. Once you've amassed a pile of corpses, this Trophy will be yours.

Smooth Sailing - Bronze
Freed 4 zones.

This follows the same format as the 'Coming of Age' Trophy, but you'll need to free four zones.

Legendary Summoner - Silver
Acquired 100 Spirits through summoning.

This requires you to acquire 100 Spirits through summoning. While this may sound daunting, it can easily be achieved while you sleep. Leave your rarest and most buffed up Spirit at the front of your party to earn free orbs every day when another player summons your Spirit in combat. Using this method while not playing can easily shave off 8-10 potential fights per day. Simply invest any earned currency into summoning news Spirits.

Great Trainer - Silver
Reached Spirits' max level 100 times.

Those Spirits from the 'Legendary Summoner' Trophy will come in handy when maxing out 100 Spirits. Level common Spirits that have low max levels and use Spirits of the same elements to nab yourself bonus experience points.

Spirit Master - Gold
All areas have been freed.

Rinse and repeat the 'Coming of Age' Trophy until you take over the world.

Have you got any Destiny of Spirits Trophy tips? Would you like to make some Spirit trades with our community? Share your information in the comments section below.