Fan favourite

While BioWare has only just lifted the lid on the stunning landscapes that our adventurers will be traversing in upcoming RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition, the seal, for the time being, is still firmly closed on much of the game's plot. However, whispers have slipped through the cracks of the 'net regarding recurring character Alistair's voice actor Steve Valentine.

A photo posted on Twitter not only shows him recording dialogue, but also sees him clearly tagging BioWare, Dragon Age, and Inquisition just to avoid any confusion. Unlike numerous voice actor leaks that we've seen via the social media site in the past, Steve's message remains intact and has been approved by developer BioWare as it joined in on the tease later that day. While many were speculating that the recording may be for a different role, rumours where quickly snuffed out as he proceeded to post pictures of the game's script.

How big a role our favourite Grey Warden will play in the next instalment isn't clear, but with the switch over to next-gen causing possible save data transfer problems, it could call an end to players moving their save files between games. Here's hoping that our dragon slaying legacy isn't lost in translation. Are you excited about Alistair's return, or is there someone else you would rather see make an appearance? Cast your votes in the comments section below.

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