Corpse Party: Blood Drive

For a franchise featuring such cute characters, 5pb’s visual novel series Corpse Party is anything but adorable. As such, faint-hearted players need not apply to Corpse Party: Blood Drive, the latest instalment in the hideous horror brand. Due out on 24th July in Japan, this outing aims to render the scares in 3D for the first time – but the protagonists remain as innocent looking as ever.

The title takes place two months after the events of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, and will put you in control of Ayumi Shinozaki, a young girl who must use a dark tome to resurrect her murdered friends. Given previous entries – and the embedded screenshots – we’re going to assume that not everything goes to plan.

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There’s no word on a Western release date just yet, but seeing as both of the PlayStation Portable titles were localised by Xseed, we’re hopeful that this will ghost its predecessors and arrive overseas. Do you think that you can handle this latest tense tale? Try not to scream too loudly in the comments section below.