"You gotta be kidding me!"

If our Australian readers were looking forward to spending their weekend sneaking about underneath a cardboard box, they'll be sorely disappointed, as the release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has reportedly been delayed for a week in their home nation. The title was originally planned to launch on 20th March, but now won't be hitting store shelves until 27th March. On the plus side, it means that Aussie gamers will have more free time to dig into the incoming open world superhero sim inFAMOUS: Second Son.

The reason for the rescheduling is not currently known, but we're blindly assuming that it has something to do with the country's notoriously draconian import and classification laws. What's more, it's unclear whether this hold up will also affect the launch of the game's digital version, as some have noted that last month's delay of the disc based release of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 didn't influence its downloadable counterpart. So if the thought of having to wait another week is giving you heart palpitations, you'd best hold out hope for the digital edition.

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Is this dastardly delay making you decidedly displeased, or will you be too busy gliding through the neon streets of Seattle to care? Do us a solid in the comments section below.

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