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  • News You Should Expect to See More British Developed Games in the Future

    God save the games

    When you think of British developers, studios such as Grand Theft Auto's Rockstar North and the Batman Arkham series' Rocksteady pop into mind. However, in the near future, the development of more AAA titles from this land of rolling green hills and royalty may not be so uncommon following tax breaks announced last week. Games...

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  • News You Can Access the Second Part of inFAMOUS: Second Son's Free DLC Right Now

    Papers please

    You may not know it, but recently released superhero sim inFAMOUS: Second Son has six weeks worth of free DLC incoming. While some might decry this as a calculated attempt at keeping the game's disc in your tray, they're probably also the sort of person who hates candy, puppies, rainbows and all other things universally regarded as...

  • Review Fez (PlayStation 4)

    Never felt better

    This review has been a long time coming. Originally released on the Xbox 360 many moons ago, Fez is one of an increasingly large group of indie games that have managed to crack the collective consciousness. However, for all its critical acclaim, the retro inspired romp is only now making its way onto Sony systems. But was this...

  • Rumour Retailers Already Want to Sell You The Last of Us for PS4

    Add to basket

    The Last of Us was one of Sony’s most successful titles during the PlayStation 3 era, selling over 6 million copies in less than a year. Naturally, the platform holder’s betting big on its currently unconfirmed but almost certainly in production PlayStation 4 port, then – and one Spanish retailer is ready to take pre-orders for...

  • Review Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f (PlayStation Vita)

    Square, square, swipe, swipe, meow

    Most music games sell based on the popularity of the licensed songs in their roster and gimmicky plastic peripherals. But what about a title where the majority of the gaming marketplace may not even recognise the songs, let alone understand the lyrics? Enter Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f – a rather unique...

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  • Review The LEGO Movie Videogame (PlayStation 4)

    Block buster

    Traveller’s Tales’ familiar LEGO game formula has transformed many famous film franchises into enjoyable family games, with the recreation of iconic protagonists and comic book heroes waving an endearing spell in the direction of consumers around the world. It’s fitting, then, that the recently released flick based on the...

  • News PS4's Virtual Reality Headset May Just Be Revealed on 18th March

    Shuhei Yoshida and EyeToy creator to present panel on PlayStation's future

    Pull out your Ron Paul animated images, because Sony could be gearing up for a megaton in just over a week’s time. The platform holder has announced a new GDC session, which aims to detail “the future of innovation” at the firm. Set to take place between 17:45PM and...

  • News Oh Dear, The Last Of Us Is Getting a Big Budget Movie Tie-in

    Say it ain't so

    There have been so many announcements for movie adaptations of classic Sony franchises in recent weeks that we're just about ready to play a game of soulless cash-in bingo. If you're blanking on which beloved series' have been banished to the Hollywood slaughterhouse, though. we'll gladly remind you. Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank and

  • News This inFAMOUS: Second Son Live Action Trailer Will Get You Heated for the PS4 Release

    Burning alive

    The inFAMOUS: Second Son news just refuses to stop today. After Sony stated that it reckons the next-gen title will be the most successful entry in the series, it was revealed that the open world romp won't be getting a demo. Now, a live action ad for the game has popped up on YouTube in a flash of sm

  • News Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut Boosts onto PS4 Later this Month

    In space, no one hears you explode

    As fans of anything remotely explosive and set in the darkness of space, Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut has us quite excited with its announcement trailer. The mech-centric shooter is heading to the PlayStation 4 later this month, and features a reworked single player campaign as well as a slew of balance tweaks...

  • News Sorry, You Won't be Getting an InFAMOUS: Second Son Demo on PS4

    No smoke without fire

    Better put those neon glow sticks down, because you won't be partying with an InFAMOUS: Second Son demo any time soon. With the game set to release in just a couple of weeks, brand development director Ken Schramm has told that there are no plans for a bite-sized trial of the super powered sequel. "It's hard to...

  • News Naughty Dog Barks a Statement on Hennig Dismissal

    One side of the story

    It was only a few days ago when news broke that Amy Hennig, creative director of the Naughty Dog's iconic Uncharted series, had left the studio. It didn't take long for rumours to start spreading like wildfire that she hadn't left by her own choice, and was supposedly "forced out" by Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, two fellow...

  • News Instantly Build Your Vita Library with this LEGO Mega Pack Bundle

    Block rocker

    Available this Spring in Europe, Sony's bundling six LEGO games with its lively little handheld, along with a 16GB memory card for the system. If you're not up for adopting another sleek portable device, however, you can pony up for a separate memory card bundle that comes with the same titles and either an 8GB card, or a 16GB one,...

  • News Galak-Z Will Be Exploding onto Vita As Well As PS4


    Procedurally-generated stylised space shooter Galak-Z will be blitzing onto the PS Vita as well the PlayStation 4, a post on the European Blog has confirmed. The colourful creation which was unveiled last year has been quiet ever since, so this little nugget of information will hopefully get the blast-'em-up back on track. Although the...

  • News Sony Expects InFAMOUS: Second Son to be Most Successful Game in Series

    Currently has more pre-orders than The Last of Us

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sony has stated that it reckons super powered sequel InFAMOUS: Second Son will be the most successful entry into Sucker Punch's series. Speaking with MCV, SCE UK product manager Josh Walker said that the company is "excited by the level of pre-orders which are exceeding that...

  • Video Watch As We Recap February's Best PlayStation Games

    Ready, teddy, go

    Games, games, games. We may be staring headfirst into the abyss known as 'Marchmageddon', but there was still plenty to keep your DualShock controllers busy in February. Following on from yesterday’s delightful Game of the Month recap, we’re back with a video roundup for your eyes and ears to enjoy. If you like this, then you...

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