The Order: 1886

Given the wealth of technological riches at the fingertips of the Victorian heroes in The Order: 1886, it’s a surprise that protagonist Galahad and crew don’t whip out iPhones in order to communicate in battle. Alas, a slew of previews for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive have pointed out that you’ll instead use Morse code, which you’ll operate using the next generation system’s touchpad.

With the developer still keeping much of the release shrouded in fog, it’s not yet clear how prominent this mechanic will be – but numerous sites stress that the feature was used to send out a signal to overhead zeppelins in a 20 minute gameplay demo shown to the press. It seems that tapping out the right sequence will call in air support, which should prove handy in your battle against the half-breeds.

We’re secretly hopping that the blips and bleeps will be accompanied by flashes on the DualShock 4’s light bar, as that could actually rival Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition’s ostentatious implementation of the illuminating surface when you wield Lara Croft’s super useful torch. What do you make of this intriguing addition? .-.. . - / ..- ... / -.- -. --- .-- .-.-.-