Trials Fusion

The Trials series has been forced to drive down a long and arduous road before making its debut on a PlayStation platform, but it’s now mere months away. Ubisoft has confirmed that RedLynx’s next-gen physics-based motorbike-‘em-up Trials Fusion is set to air its exhaust fumes on PlayStation 4 from 16th April – and it’s bringing the brand’s biggest ever drops along for the ride.

A new trailer for the title embedded below shows off the series’ trademark controller tossing difficulty, while also taking the time to flaunt its vibrant visuals, overhauled trick system, and multiplayer. It looks like you won’t just be riding on two wheels this time around either, as we’re pretty sure that we caught a glimpse of some quad bikes, too.

In addition to all of the above, the sequel will plot the return of the franchise’s famous Track Editor and an updated version of Track Central, allowing you to share your creations with your friends. Fascinatingly, the title will be available as a digital download for $19.99, or as part of a retail bundle with a Season Pass included for $39.99. Which version will you be stumping up for? Hop into the comments section below.