PS4 Wireless Headset 2.0

Few first world problems are worse than having the money available to buy a product, but not being able to find it anywhere. Earlier this month, Sony announced the PlayStation Wireless Headset 2.0 – a new set of officially licensed cans designed specifically for use with its suite of home consoles and handhelds. However, despite attaching a tentative 10th February release date to the peripheral, this intrepid editor has spent the past couple of weeks trying to track it down in the UK.

While the product’s been readily available in North America for some time – where it carries a slightly different moniker – none of Britain’s noteworthy retailers were able to give us an update on when it would arrive on these shores. Fortunately, it looks like our hunt is over, as online plaza ShopTo is finally taking pre-orders ahead of a 28th February launch for £79.85. If you’re eager to save a couple of quid, also has the peripheral available for £77.49.

It’s still yet to show up on or, but a handful of cunning independent entrepreneurs have taken to selling the North American version through the latter’s website. We were unable to get confirmation that the cans will arrive in physical shops on the same date as listed above, but that seems to be when they’re officially set to deploy, so we’d be surprised if select specialist stores didn’t get some stock. Are you planning to pick up a pair of these posh headphones? Raise the roof in the comments section below.

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