"Maybe I should play some?"

Sony’s well aware that you want to know the conclusion to Ryo Hazuki’s story – and it’s either in a mischievous mood ahead of the PlayStation 4’s launch in Japan, or something is bubbling beneath the surface. Following photos of system architect Mark Cerny and series creator Yu Suzuki, the publisher has included a subtle reference to Shenmue’s sour faced protagonist in a brand new trailer for its supercharged next generation system.

Of course, it could just be a coincidence, but franchise fans have been pestering the platform holder regarding the Dreamcast favourite for months now, prompting the Japanese giant to even acknowledge the pleas. Even more fascinatingly, SEGA recently lost the rights to the property’s trademark after a period of prolonged inactivity. Is there a chance that the brand could be about to change hands?

In truth, it all seems highly unlikely, but it’s always nice to hold out hope. However, it’s been so long now since the snow turned to rain that we reckon that the book has been closed on the ambitious escapade for good. It’s a shame, too, as we really would like to know what the heck happened in that cave at the end of the second game. Are you still interested in tracking down Lan Di? Search out the Phoenix Mirror in the comments section below.