Mask not mandatory

Outside of free augmented reality application The Playroom – and a selection of nefarious online streams – Sony’s yet to really make a compelling case for the existence of the PlayStation 4’s enhanced EyeToy-esque camera. However, that’s not stopping German outfit Grandé Games from having a crack, with its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Commander Cherry's Puzzled Journey.

The game – which sees you step into the shoes of an anthropomorphic, er, cherry – encourages you to use the optical accessory to create custom platforms based upon your body shape. It’s a difficult mechanic to explain, so we’ll leave it to the developer wearing the Hotline Miami-esque horse mask to demonstrate via the video embedded below. According to the studio, you’ll be able to play the title alone or in co-op, with the latter allowing you to relax while you bark orders at a friend.

The company’s obviously got a lot of work left to do before this represents a retail product, but the gimmick’s rock solid, and we’re excited to see an outfit actually taking advantage of the platform holder’s underused add-on. Apparently the Stuttgart-based studio's targeting a 2014 release date, so hopefully we'll get to see more of this innovative experience soon. What do you make of the intriguing concept? Pull some shapes in the comments section below.