Part of the 20 per cent

This week just keeps getting better and better for the PlayStation 4. With Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima proclaiming that the system is the "best console" currently available and Sony revealing that it has already sold over five million units, figures have now been released that show that a whopping one-in-five developers are working on a product for the firm's latest machine.

In a recent survey published by Games, an incredible 20 per cent of the 2,600 attendees at last year's Game Developers Conference admitted that they intend to release their next game on the Japanese giant's uber-popular platform. That's more than any other competing format, with 17 per cent planning projects for the Xbox One, 14 per cent the PlayStation 3, 12 per cent the Xbox 360, and just four per cent the Nintendo Wii U.

The support is clearly a sign that console gaming in general is alive and kicking, but it also shows that the development community considers the PS4 to be the best home for its software. Are you excited to see what's in store for the system? Shout loudly in the comments section below.

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