Will this game be more than meets the eye?

In an accidental reveal yesterday morning, Amazon created a listing for an unannounced game called Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. Details were scarce, but before it was quickly taken down, the hypothetical PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 release was described as "perfect for veteran fans and newcomers”. Since then, the title has transformed from speculation to reality.

IGN has exclusively unveiled the announcement trailer for the new tie-in, and what we know about the game stems solely from the footage itself. It seems to be a sequel to the incredible Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, but with an interesting and perhaps controversial twist.

The theme of the video surrounds the idea of two universes colliding, and they happen to be the world already established by High Moon Studios' titles and Michael Bay's latest take on the Transformers franchise. This can be confirmed by the character models in the trailer, because you can see Optimus Prime's movie design in addition to his game counterpart.

It appears that the abovementioned developer is not making the release either, since its recognisable logo is nowhere to be found at the end of the trailer. Do you think that the developer is sitting this one out? Should the game and movie universes remain separate, or combine to create a mechanical mess? Blast off in the comments section below.

[source ign.com]