Got to go fast

Over on Capcom's official Facebook page, the Japanese publisher has let rip with a bounty of new information regarding the upcoming return of Strider. The post states that the game will be slashing its way to Europe on 19th February, where it will cost €14.99 / £11.99. It also goes on to detail several newly revealed modes, as well as some unexpected customisation options.

First up, Beacon Run will allow for some speed run-style action, tasking you with hitting consecutive checkpoints as you race through the release. Meanwhile, the unimaginatively dubbed Survival Mode will pit you against waves of increasingly difficult enemies, and keep you on your toes by limiting you to specific item and ability loadouts. Better yet, leaderboards will accompany the aforementioned options, which should keep you coming back for more hectic action. To top it all off, the release will also feature some unlockable outfits for star Strider Hiryu, which can be used in combination to create your character's own unique look.

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With the title sprinting onto the PS4 and PS3 in the near future, it's safe to say that we'll be limbering up in anticipation for its chaotic arrival. It's also probably reasonable to assume that Strider will be vaulting onto the North American PSN a day before the European launch, keeping in step with the weekly regional store updates. Are you already honing your reflexes? Cut us up in the comments section below.