Watching former favourites Manchester United slip down the Premier League may be priceless if you’re a Liverpool fan, but it’s getting this disgruntled editor down. Fortunately, if you’re anything like us, then you’ll appreciate Sony giving you the opportunity to step into David Moyes’ rapidly ageing shoes to steady the sinking ship. Europa League, here we come...

In all seriousness, you’ve had the opportunity to buy FIFA 14 for a few months now, but the platform holder has significantly cut the price of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions as part of a new weekly European PlayStation Store promotion. Starting from today until the end of time, the manufacturer will be rotating offers every Wednesday, allowing you to make some big savings.

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Consequentially, you’ll be able to pick up EA Sports’ soccer sim for £19.99 on the two abovementioned platforms between now and 5th March. It sounds like it’s planning to open this initiative up to the PlayStation 4 in the future, too, so let us know which releases you’d like to see discounted courtesy of the comments section below. Just don’t mention Olympiakos.