Not toyin' around

SCE London Studio has recently posted a job listing for a senior artist position in a team hard at work on an unannounced PlayStation 4 exclusive. The advertisement calls for an applicant capable of "the creation of environments and vehicle assets to a superb level of quality”, as well as the ability to "solve the exciting challenges facing the development team”.

Considering the studio's recent history of more experimental and social offerings, including augmented reality title The Playroom, it seems a bit odd that it would be requesting assistance for vehicular design. That isn't to say that we're entirely opposed to the idea, though, as a fun car themed game would fit nicely in the PS4's otherwise dark and adult-orientated upcoming roster. What's more, since DriveClub probably won't be releasing this century, a more light-hearted racer would do an admirable job of filling the void.

What motorised mayhem do you think that this listing foretells? Do you predict that we'll see the exclusive make its debut at E3 in June? Rev your engine in the comments section below.

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