Watch Dogs

Ubisoft may have sucked the battery life out of upcoming open world adventure Watch Dogs by delaying the title out of its intended November 2013 release window, but the French publisher appears to be eager to rebuild the hype surrounding the once hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 product.

A handful of eagle eyed PlayStation Blog users have spotted a pop-up advertisement on the recently redesigned European arm of the site, which states that the hack happy escapade is on its way. “Find out the release date in this new trailer,” reads the remainder of the message, which has since been removed.

As our friends over at VG247 point out, the company tends to release a new trailer at 17:00PM GMT (12:00PM EST/09:00AM PST) every day, so it’s possible that we may find out the sandbox title’s new deploy date in just a few hours. When do you think would be the best time for the ambitious adventure to make a connection with store shelves? Tap into our landline via the comments section below.