Naturally beautiful

While we still aren't completely sure if tactical RPG Natural Doctrine will be making its way to Western shores, that doesn't mean that we can't ogle these new screenshots and hope for the best. In celebration of its imminent Japanese release, developer Kadokawa Games has released a slew of intriguing images that show off the title in action. The real standout here, though, is the beautiful box art, which features a desolate and daunting wasteland just waiting to be explored.

After a quick Google search, we've determined that they don't actually give out Nobel Prizes for video game box art, but if they did, this would definitely be up there with Gravity Rush and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon as a strong contender. And while the in-game screenshots don't really live up to the cover's immense promise, they do seem to show a capable and inventive strategy RPG.

Do you plan on importing Natural Doctrine, or are you going to double down and hope for a worldwide release? Go natural in the comments section below.