He should really get out of there quickly

Turtle Rock, the team behind Left 4 Dead, has already revealed a cinematic trailer for its competitive meets co-op multiplayer game Evolve. However, Kotaku has published some gameplay footage of the Hunters and the Goliath from the hotly anticipated game. And while this is being played on a PC, we've no doubt that the power of the PlayStation 4 will mean that it looks largely the same on Sony's super machine.

The nearly six minute video is edited with text to show specific aspects of the game. The environment is put into perspective with a look at the beautiful and terrifying jungle map, and how it will affect gameplay due to the wildlife and other features. Footage of the Hunters using their class-specific weapons and abilities is viewable as well, giving you a good idea of how the various characters will work. Last but not least, you'll get to see the Goliath in his repulsive yet awesome guise, towering over the abovementioned heroes and growing bigger as he munches on the indigenous wildlife.

What do you think of this top notch, in-depth look at the game? Evolve with us in the comments section below, and don't forget to check out our first impressions of the title through here.

[source kotaku.com]