PlayStation Vita Hack

The ability to play your PlayStation 4 games on the PlayStation Vita is arguably one of the next generation console’s best features, but control limitations mean that it’s not always practical. A title such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, for example – which makes heavy use of the shoulder buttons and thumb stick clicks – doesn’t scale especially well to the handheld because it’s missing a number of inputs, meaning that you’re left fiddling around with the rear touchpad in order to progress.

The thrifty folks over at Family Gamer TV have an ingenious solution, however. Using some Velcro straps and hardware loopholes, the resourceful relatives have managed to construct a makeshift control option that connects the DualShock 4 to the handheld and equips it with a semi-portable screen. You’ll need two controllers and a couple of PlayStation Network accounts to get the trick working, but once you’ve hopped through a few hoops, you should be good to go.

The only real downside is that the pocketable platform will slip into a dimmed state every so often, leaving you needing to tap the screen in order to bring it back to full brightness. Still, with the controller able to output audio and the charging slot perfectly accessible, this is actually a really well thought out solution. How long until a third-party manufacturer creates some kind of clip-on accessory based on the same idea? We’ll give it a month. In the meantime, subscribe to Family Gamer TV for further guides on setting the hack up.

Mount PS Vita on DualShock 4 to create portable PS4