Bad bear

You may be busy shooting down the lies of your peers in Hope’s Peak Academy right now, but the developer behind Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is currently considering a third entry in the murder mystery series. Yoshinori Terasawa, the producer behind upcoming PlayStation Vita spin-off Danganronpa: Another Episode, admitted in an interview with Siliconera that Spike Chunsoft is brainstorming a full sequel as we type.

“We are absolutely thinking about making a third Danganronpa, but we haven’t decided on anything specific just yet,” he told the website. “I’m still talking with the rest of our staff about what we could do. I don’t know when we might be able to actually announce anything, so please wait patiently for that.”

The upcoming Danganronpa: Another Episode takes place between the first game and its sequel, which was recently confirmed for Western release. However, it’s thought that the side story will take a different approach to existing entries, as early footage of the handheld title shows a courageous character using a megaphone to fire words at approaching Monokuma bears. The title’s due out later this year in Japan, so expect more information soon.