That isn't a party hat

We’d love to say that we baked the PlayStation Vita a big slab of cherry and almond cake for its second birthday this weekend, but we’d be lying if we did. The truth is that we forgot, and now we’re not on speaking terms with the handheld system. Fortunately, we’re hoping to rekindle our relationship with the down-in-the-dumps device by buying a selection of new games – and Sony’s aiming to ensure that our belated bash won’t break the bank with a buffet of cut price best sellers.

Starting today in North America, sensible PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to secure savings of up to 75 per cent off a slew of noteworthy titles, including CastleStorm, Escape Plan, and Hotline Miami. Particular highlights comprise Killzone Mercenary for $17.49, Velocity Ultra for $2.09, and Machinarium for – wait for it – just $1.75. The promotion’s set to run through 3rd March, so you’ve got plenty of time to cough up for an anniversary treat. Whatever you do, though, don’t forget.