Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Crystal Dynamics’ recent Tomb Raider reboot was all about resilience in the most abhorrent conditions, so perhaps the North American developer is trying to channel that with the Trophy list for its upcoming PlayStation 4 re-release, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. As leaked on, the roster of trinkets is identical to its current generation counterpart, meaning that you’ll still need to play the mediocre multiplayer mode for a number of hours in order to unlock the coveted Platinum Trophy.

To be fair, as part of a recent Question and Answer session, executive producer Scot Amos hinted that the competitive component would be far superior on Sony’s new system. “We’ve actually rewritten the back-end architecture on the multiplayer for next-gen,” he explained on the franchise’s official forums. “We have definitely been enjoying playing multiplayer on next-gen and look forward to your experience. Let us know if you feel the improvements.” That’s great and all, but we’re still not sure that we want to endure the 40 or so hours required to reach Level 60.

Subtract the online stuff, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble obtaining the rest of the title’s plunder. You’ll net a Gold Trophy for exploring all of the optional tombs – which you should be doing anyway as they are one of the best things about the game – as well as lots of trinkets for finding all of the collectibles, which can be bundled up once you’ve completed the main campaign. Will you be fighting your way through the multiplayer in order to scoop the top treasure? Loot our corpses in the comments section below.

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