"It's menthol, honest"

There’s a familiar face making a return as part of the second episode of BioShock Infinite’s big-budget ‘Burial at Sea’ expansion pack. Irrational Games has plunged to the depths of the ocean, and surfaced with a brand new three minute trailer showing an early cut-scene from the add-on. You may want to dip your head beneath a bowl of water if you’re wary of spoilers ruining your experience.

Have you successfully drowned our words out? Good, then we’ll continue. The clip focuses on legendary BioShock antagonist Atlas – or Frank Fontaine – who looks like he’ll play a major role in the upcoming content. There’s no word on a date just yet, but the abovementioned developer has already confirmed that you’ll assume the role of Elizabeth in this area of the extended campaign. Are you smoking a celebratory cigarette in anticipation for this additional adventure? Light up in the comments section below.

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