Welcome to the Fantasy Zone

Forget about the unresolved drama regarding Shenmue’s slick looking glasses, series antagonist Lan Di has cooked up an even more sinister plot involving Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. While the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions released over a year ago now, SEGA has just published the iOS and Android ports – and they include straight-talking hero Ryo Hazuki.

It gets better, though. Rather than ride his famous forklift truck like in predecessor Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, he drives an OutRun arcade cabinet, which transforms into a Space Harrier and Hang-On unit depending on the scenario. And in traditional SEGA trolling style, the license plate is ‘SHEN 3’. What else would it be?

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The sad news is that this appears to be exclusive to the smartphone releases. You’ll need to complete a full streak of Weekly Challenges in order to unlock the character, which is a new addition to the game. We’d love for this content to make its way to Sony’s platforms, but we suspect that the publisher’s being puppeteered by the abovementioned baddie, who’s enjoying teasing us. We will have our revenge.

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