A sneak peak of what's to come

A cryptic photo was posted on the Batman Arkham franchise's Facebook page on 23rd December that told fans to be on the lookout for a New Year's Day announcement. This has since, of course, come to pass, and it brings tidings of joy to those that own PlayStation 3 adventure Batman: Arkham Origins.

Details remain under ice, but it's been confirmed that story DLC will be making its way to the game. All that was provided was a photo of a gold statue that reads 'Wayne Foundation Humanitarian of the Year' encased in a frosty formation. Will this caped crusade retell the origin story of Mr. Freeze, who had a prominent role in Rocksteady's previous release Batman: Arkham City? Or will the additional content star a more obscure character from the DC Universe like Killer Frost? Only time will tell.

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