Warframe 1. 15

Back in our review of Digital Extremes' PlayStation 4 free-to-play shooter, we declared that Warframe was a decent game, but it needed some work before we could consider it to be truly compelling. It's promising, then, that the developer seems determined to improve on its relatively solid product by adding in some heavily requested features.

Trophy fanatics like our very own Sammy Barker will be delighted to learn that the sci-fi romp now supports Sony's satisfying reward system, while those who were put off by the title's strict control settings will be overjoyed to hear that you can now alter them to ridiculous degrees in order to better fit your preferences.

As if that wasn't enough, the huge update also adds an entirely new frame to the mix: Oberon. Described as a paladin class, this snazzy-looking suit specialises in both offensive powers and healing abilities, making it a great addition to any Tenno team. Has the inclusion of shiny virtual trinkets encouraged you to give Warframe a try? Or have you been busy slashing and dashing since it launched with the PS4 back in November? Patch us up in the comments section below.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]